How Gorgeous Is My Friend’s Nail Polish?


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How Gorgeous Is My Friend's Nail Polish?

The opposite day, a few ladies and I went to a neighborhood restaurant, and the very first thing I observed once we sat down was my pal Gisela’s nail polish. How attractive is that shiny-yet-matte shade? It appears just like the inside of a shell.

baked potato with chives

In the meantime, our pal Erin ordered a baked potato, which felt impressed by Wendy’s iconic baked potatoes with chives. (I’ll ceaselessly love the tweets about how mothers all the time get them: Mom Orders Baked Potato at Wendy’s With Impressive Optimism and Wendy’s: your mom will get the baked potato, haha.)

Ruthies pudding pie

For winter, I additionally commonly put on this nail color, which is the right not-too-bright, not-too-dark, just-right crimson.


Ideas? What polish are you sporting today? I like discovering new ones. Please share under! (And right here’s the restaurant that served that wonderful pie!)

P.S. The joy of a soup group, and the everyday polish we’ve loved for a decade. Additionally, Gisela’s apartment tour!

(Shell ring by Juliana Accioly; ruffle shirt by Loeffler Randall. Restaurant was Ruthie’s in Brooklyn.)

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