About Us

Who We Are

U.S. NC & Global News is a multifunctional digital media organization whose mission is to assist consumers, corporate executives, and public authorities in making critical life decisions. We produce independent reporting, rankings, journalism, and guidance using top-notch data and technology. Our platforms on usncnews.com cover various topics, such as international news, health & fitness, entertainment, business, tech, lifestyle, cryptocurrencies, fashion, politics, travel, and sports.

We reach a wide range of people monthly during moments when they are most in need of expert advice and looking for professional guidance and who are inspired to follow it on our platforms. These guides offer a simple list to comprehend so that customers may evaluate options before making a choice.

We are one of the first traditional media companies to adopt a digital business strategy. Our multifaceted business approach involves customers at every stage of the purchasing process. Our corporate partners can leverage thought leadership, performance marketing, e-commerce, brand awareness, and advertising to meet their goals.

U.S. NC News is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is privately owned by The Pachels Family.

Our Core Values:


Mission Driven and Innovative

Our mission of helping you make the best decisions is our north star, guiding us always to serve your interests. It drives everything we do. We operate with a startup mentality, stressing a flat management structure and a team-based functional approach.


Creative and Diverse

We believe in having a broad range of talent and backgrounds at U.S. NC News. We strive to maintain a welcoming workplace where everyone can succeed and contribute fully.



Informed and Motivated

U.S. NC News audiences come to us with intention and purpose. Our goal is to create content to help educate, inform and inspire them to make the best decisions.


Objective and Accurate

U.S. NC News is editorially independent in its reporting. We espouse the values of ethical journalism to ensure the free exchange of truthful, fair, and thorough information.


Useable and Useful

We utilize fact-based data and diverse sources to provide news, rankings, and recommendations across a wide range of topics that are important to the lives of our users.


Immediate and Timeless

We’ve always been in the business of giving our users the best way to find the information they need. Our innovative technology helps connect the people who come to us – curious minds, decision-makers, buyers, and sellers – with what they want.



Effective and Measurable

Our mission is to help our audience make the best decisions, which is also vital to our advertising relationships. Our audience comes to us for a specific purpose, so we leverage content and proprietary first-party data to capture user engagement, which translates to advertiser success.

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